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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas!

Christmas morning wasn't what I had imagined either (see previous post for how Brennan's arrival did not match my expectations). I had imagined Cate waking up, opening presents, holding Brennan while Cate played and Eric made some coffee. Instead, I woke up in the hospital and Cate woke up at her grandparents. Brennan was borderline jaundice, so the pediatrician didn't want him discharged. My doctor said I was healing wonderfully and could go home as soon as Brennan was okay. I really, really wanted to go home Christmas day, but I knew staying in the hospital was best for Brennan. So we stayed. And Santa came the 26th, in the afternoon.

Cate "gets" the whole Santa thing but is still so young that she's not tied to the whole 25th date. Nor did she seem to think it strange that she went for a walk with my dad and came home to presents Santa had left.She was eager to start playing with her dollhouse.
And insisted that my dad read Brennan one of his new books.
It was a pretty low-key-day-after-Christmas-afternoon. But with Brennan snuggled in my arms and Cate telling me she was happy I was home every five minutes, it was perfect.

~Melody :-)

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