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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Candy Houses and Downtown Trains

**Warning** This post is picture-heavy :-)
Target had an irresistible gingerbread house kit for $8. I remember making these out of graham crackers and icing as a kid-- usually at school or somewhere. Eric and I figured that since this was our last weekend as a family of three, it would be a good project for us to have fun with. First, we had to get the icing ready (softening it by mashing it).
The kit came with a convenient tray to build everything in. While Eric worked on getting the house together, Cate decorated the tree to go outside the house. Then the focus turned to the house itself.
Even with a kit, this wasn't as easy as I'd thought. But it was still fun and I really didn't have any expectations that ours would wind up looking like the one on the box.Ours didn't turn out too bad. Cate isn't much of a sweet tooth when it comes to candy (she loves Tootsie Rolls, Reeses Pieces, M and M's, but that's about it in the candy department), so she didn't try to eat the candy. She did want us to keep squirting leftover frosting on her fingers so she could lick it off though. Frosting, cake, cookies, doughnuts...those are her kinds of sweets.
Cate talked all day about the "candy house" and is so proud to show it to anyone who comes over. Today, we went downtown for the annual Duke Energy holiday train display. We got downtown early though since we knew there would be a Bengals crowd with a home game at one. The trains didn't open until noon, so we headed to the lobby of the Hilton to look at some other "candy houses." They included our Reds' baseball stadium:
The Proctor and Gamble building (yup, they're a Cincinnati based company for those of you that didn't know...everyone in Cincinnati knows someone--or is someone-- that works for P and G):
And the Bengals' football stadium (they managed to beat the Browns today too):
Then it was off for a quick lunch and the train display. I remember going to this as a kid. In fact, this year is the 65th anniversary, so it's been around a long time. We took Cate last year, but this year she was definitely more into it.
I think she would've stayed there all day watching the trains if she could have.
We've made it down here for the display two years in a row. I think it's officially a tradition. Brennan will be almost a year old this time next year, so hopefully he'll like seeing the trains too.I'm so looking forward to having our little man here. But our last weekend as a threesome was definitely cherished time. Tonight an awesome friend is watching Cate while Eric and I go out to dinner. We figure it will be awhile before we'll get to go out as the two-of-us again.

~Melody :-)

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