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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We certainly have not been lacking in the "things to do" department this summer. First there was the wedding. Then the family reunion. Our next adventure coming up is a "camping" (we're staying in a really nice lodge/house with plumbing and electricity) trip in Hocking Hills with our church small group. After that we have another wedding. Then I'm leaving Daddy and Cate for five days to visit a friend and family in Tucson just before we head to Hilton Head for a week. We pretty much don't stop until August.

But in the meantime, we've been soaking up time at the pool (sorry, no pictures yet) and time at the zoo. On yesterday's trip, Cate got to feed an alpaca. She loved it. My sister's friend's family raises alpacas, so I think Aunt C is going to need to take Cate to the alpaca farm next time we're in Hudson. Cate also got to pet Saffron, a bearded dragon.
She really showed how unlike her bug-fearing mommy she is when she decided to touch the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.
And we couldn't let a trip to the zoo go by without a ride on the train. Our zoo pass expires at the end of this month and I think we're going to wait until August or September to renew it. Why? Well, barring any major financial crisis, I'm planning to take the rest of next school year off after Baby B arrives and then return the following August. Which means no paycheck for me for about six months or so. Our thinking is that if we take some time off from the zoo this summer before renewing our pass, then we'll have our pass to enjoy all throughout next summer when the budget will be a little tighter. It's why we've waited to renew our museum pass as well. We've already trimmed our budget in several areas to help save for the lost pay next year. But in the end, if I need to go back to work after B's birth, then I'm okay with it. Most days I really love my job, so it's not a big deal. But more on that later, when a final decision has been made.

I'll leave you instead with a post-swimming picture of Cate and I along with my friend, Jane, and her daughter, Collette. Jane, her husband, and daughter were in visiting from Arizona and we went up to her parents' neighborhood to enjoy a swim in the pool-- twice, actually-- while they were here.
We took a similar picture when Jane was visiting back in the fall. It's amazing how much our girls have grown in just 8 short months.

~Melody :-)

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