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Friday, June 18, 2010

She is So My Daughter

She may look like her daddy, but her personality comes from her momma for sure. She heads down that "waterslide" with abandon. We've been in this little pool almost every day this week. It's hot! And with her splashing tendencies I didn't trust bringing the video camera outside. This cell phone video will have to do.

And then today, when I asked her to pick up her train table before heading out to run some errands, I came back into the living room to find her wooden trees like this:
That little bit of OCD and having things "just right" is definitely a trait from mommy.

We're enjoying summer-- lots of it at the pool or in the backyard. This year she's a little afraid of the "big pool" (ie. the neighborhood pool), but is totally content in the backyard. I'm hoping by going often, this "big pool" fear and the clinging to mommy that it causes no matter how many flotation devices she has on will be gone by the time we head to Hilton Head in July. But I have to admit, the backyard pool is nice because she entertains herself for awhile and I can sit nearby and read.

~Melody :-)

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