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Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'm confessing along with others at MckMama this week.  :-)

I have NOT been trying to put pony tails in Cate's hair every chance I get.

I do NOT think she looks like the absolute cutest thing in the whole world with pony tails.

Cate did NOT pull all of these pony tails out on our hour-ish car ride to visit one of my college friends on Saturday.  Our car did NOT eat the pony tail holders so that I couldn't put them back in (still haven't found them). 

I'm NOT a little worried about teaching Eric how to put pony tails in Cate's hair since he's the one that waits for her to wake up in the mornings, gets her dressed, and feeds her breakfast before he drops her off at the sitter.  He's a fast learner, but we'll wait until her hair gets a little longer before we try to teach him.

~Melody :-)


Jenilee said...

my 3 year old takes out her ponytails pretty quickly too. they do eventually leave them in but it takes awhile. your daughter looks adorable with them in though!

jmberrygirl said...

Oh my stars! LOVE pony tails! My dad used to fix my hair. He never pulled tight or made it hurt like mom. Later, I learned that this was because he never actually brushed it. Just pulled it back into a convenient pony and left the hard stuff for Mama!