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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Shoot 2009

It is another beautiful day here in the midwest!  So after church, we changed Cate into her Christmas dress, headed to Ault Park, and took some fun pictures.  Now the problem is trying to decide which one (or two) we want to include on this year's card. 

I think this last one really captures the spirit of Cate...
...feet up with her tongue out.  What a booger! I think we'll end up doing a two-picture card with a family picture and one of Cate by herself.  

~Melody :-)


Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

What beautiful pictures! Were these "self-taken" again? If so, you are amazing that you can place your family, set your timer, and get back into place without looking like a blur!

I definitely think you have to include a family shot and a picture of just Cate-- she is too precious for words in that dress!


The Riggs Family said...

Thanks! They are "self-taken." It helps that my camera lets me take multiple shots with the timer. I'm pretty sure we're going to do one of each (family and Cate by herself). :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. It WAS a perfect day for getting a head start on the holiday greeting cards. We did the same thing at Hudson Springs Park - only photos of Grace, though!

jmberrygirl said...

Love the one of all three of you close up and the tongue out--divine!