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Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

As a mom there are so many things I refuse to let myself feel guilty about...like letting the dust bunnies accumulate underneath the bookshelf....or letting Cate watch "Elmo's World" again so that I can attempt to clean said dust bunnies.  No guilt.  This mommy confessional, started by MckMama definitely plays a role in helping me let go of that guilt. 

I did NOT play Christmas music in my car this weekend.  I do NOT want to put up the tree SOON!  It's not even Thanksgiving yet people.  I do NOT think that the three or four Peppermint Mochas in those classic red snowflake cups had something to do with my getting in the Christmas spirit a little early. 

While having a goodbye happy hour for a neighbor who is moving on another neighbor's front porch, Cate did NOT reach for a martini glass and spill martini all over herself.  We are reasonable parents who do not have happy hours in the presence of our child. We did NOT think it was hilarious that she smelled like the martini for the rest of the night.  Cate also did NOT proceed to commandeer every adult's cell phone to play with while on the porch.

And those dust bunnies that accumulated under the bookshelf?  I am NOT contemplating child labor.

I mean, she did find the dust mop all on her own.  And since she's been in a phase lately where she wants to push or pull or drag everything she finds through the house with her, this made for the perfect afternoon amusement. 
Seriously though, I may have to let her play with this more often. 

Those dust bunnies are gone and she was happy to play with the mop.  

What have you NOT been doing lately?

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

Debra said...

How can this baby get even cuter?