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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Musings of a Dad

I don't get on our blog much to write my thoughts, but a little introspection is due. It's that time of year, when Cate has decided to start walking, right in time for the hot weather, and the vacations. In our small group the other evening, we talked about vacations, and how sometimes we feel guilty to leave or duties and be selfish when Christ and his followers were entirely selfless. There are several passages however that describe Christ and others in his ministry going away, and taking some rest from their work. Indeed, pastors and people in the ministry probably deserve vacation time more than anyone else. We also know that God has blessed us with time to be with our family and enjoy each others company.

We get to vacation later this summer with our dear daughter, and see how she likes the beach. She likes water, and always has fun outside, and it will be great to just have a whole week with all three of us hanging out together, even if it's slow and uneventful.

I've also had the pleasure of being the "handyman" since news of our Cate bug, and I've put together a lot of toys, furniture and other typical dad responsibilities. Some were challenging to the point of cursing, and some were so easy, I wondered if they would last more than a week through Cate's use and abuse. The latest adventure was a patio set, and from the picture, you can see that she likes the box more than her chair and table.

But she still likes hanging out with her dad.

. . . And eating red meat. . . A girl after my own heart.

It is exciting to watch Cate grow up, and see all of the things she learns and discovers. There are times when I like to be away from the noise and the little cries of frustration, but those times quickly pass, and I long to hold my little girl, give her a kiss on the cheek, and just play till we're both exhausted. I know the meaning of the word "family" is still in it's infancy in my own life, but I cherish it more each day, and do my best to bring my family closer to God as we live our lives together. Coram Deo

- Papa E

PS - Coram Deo is Latin for "living before the face of God." Everyone of us lives in his presence, and how we respond, how we look at our every day comings and goings all have eternal significance. That is not to say that life must always be serious, humdrum, and stoic, but knowing that God is everpresent is a blessing I wish on all who read this. God Bless.

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