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Monday, May 25, 2009


If there's one word to describe my life right now (and all of the time), Blessed would be the word. Health issues aside (and I do count it as joy because whatever is going on is at least managed by medicine when needed and it is better some days), I am blessed. I recently started reading the book, Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell. At the end of the first section he talks about how one of his prayers of thanksgiving is "I can't believe I get to live this life!" Amen to that!
I am most definitely blessed on a daily basis by these two people (who apparently had quite a good time on Thursday and Friday while Mommy was away coaching her creative writing team at the state tournament...we placed 3rd by the way). Daddy even took Cate out to dinner on Friday night, just the two of them.
We've been playing outside a lot lately, which means Cate is sleeping like a log at night and not waking up until close to 9 in the morning (I hope this continues through the summer). Yesterday Eric and I were busy working a beer booth at Taste of Cincinnati. I'm still planning to do the 100k (62 mile) bike ride in Asheville in a few weeks, and I needed to complete my fundraising for Team in Training. After a LONG day at Taste yesterday, I'm within $200 of hitting my $2400 fundraising goal. Good thing we're working Taste for a few hours today.

And since I mention Taste, can I just say we are incredibly blessed with supportive family (my mom came down from NE Ohio to spend all day yesterday with Cate and Eric's parents are watching her today) and friends (5 awesome friends turned out yesterday to help us work the booth and one more is helping today)!
It doesn't get much better than this (okay, well, maybe having your dog jump up on your sand table is a little better than getting sweaty at Taste of Cincinnati, but you get the idea).

I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day. I am t-minus 8 more days of school (7 with students) and counting!

~Melody :-)

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