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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cause to Celebrate

I have been 36+ hours with NO symptoms of the still mysterious ailment (all hospital tests came back negative, so on Tuesday the GI doc will start exploring more minor things...although it could have all just been a bad "bug" and an infection...but I digress) and 36+ hours without needing any medicine. Praise God! I know I'm not "out of the woods" yet, but today was the best I've felt in a few weeks! I'm rejoicing in this and am very thankful. And I've made my peace with the situation should more symptoms decide to flair up in the coming days. For now though, I'm thinking positive and believing that this is the beginning of healing and feeling 100%.

But it's so not the reason Cate and I splurged at Target today on outside toys. I mean, we'd seriously be broke if I went and did this every time I felt fantastic.
In all serious though, Cate really did need some outside toys. Other than her "lawnmower" of previous post and her sand and water table (which is just a sand table for now), we didn't have much to play with. Today we added a couple of buckets, a bat and ball, a big ball, and a lawnmower. And we had a wonderful time playing out in the yard for over an hour this afternoon.
Cate isn't too sure about the real lawnmower toy. It isn't sturdy enough for her to lean on as a new-walker, so she likes to tip it over and use it as a riding mower instead.
We laughed and blew bubbles and threw sand and kicked the ball and played until both of us were pretty filthy. And all I could think was that I am so blessed to live this life! I'm thankful for the trials life brings, including random illnesses, because they make me realize the extraordinary in my ordinary life....they make me appreciate days like today.
~Melody :-)

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The Palmer Family Blog said...

You inspired me to go on an online toy shopping spree as well! Tessa's new toys should arrive early next week!