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Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

Even though the woman that started "Not Me Monday" is taking a week off, I decided there were too many things I needed to confess/admit/blog about this week and so I'm going to play along anyway.

For starters, I am NOT just now feeling 100% better after feeling icky on and off for two weeks (sore throat, cough, stomach issues, more sore throat and cough).

I did NOT eat so much on Christmas Day that I almost made myself sick (seriously, it was looking pretty grim there for an hour or so until some medicine kicked in, but man those pop overs and those fudge melt aways and that chip dip and of course that potato casserole were all so good).

I did NOT wake Cate up after putting her to bed on Friday because I was looking for my purse so that we could go see a movie while my parents babysat the monitor. And my purse was NOT downstairs at my parents' house the whole time. And I certainly did NOT leave a crying and woken-up Cate with my mom so we could make it to the first movie we've seen at the theater in months. Nope, NOT me. I also did NOT sob during the last 15 minutes or so of Marley and Me...I mean physically sobbing, not just getting misty-eyed. And that movie did NOT make me miss our dog, Zoey, who was having fun at Eric's parents' house while we were away.

We did NOT take our tree down within an hour of arriving home yesterday to make room for Cate's new toys. The play corner is cute though and I guess it was about time that our living room started to look a little more like we had a kid.

And last night I most certainly did NOT get in our rental car (since ours is still being fixed) with the intention of picking up dinner and filling it up (we have to return it today because our insurance only covers 20 days of renting and we want to save some in case our car isn't ready by the time I go back to work next Monday), only to have it run out of gas a mile from home, within sight of the gas station. To my credit though, the gas light did not come on and the tank was not showing E when I got in the car and it really is NOT our car, so I didn't know what to expect. A stranger was kind enough to stop and help stop traffic so we could get the car out of the road. Eric was my knight in shining armor and within 5 minutes of calling him was there with gas. After fixing the problem I did NOT continue on my journey to the gas station only to get there and realize that my purse was in our other car (I had gotten in to play with Cate while he filled up the rental) and I did NOT have to call Eric again to bring me my purse so I could fill the car up and continue going to get dinner. Thankfully this all happened within a mile of our house so the whole ordeal was less than 20 minutes of our time.

I am NOT starting to wean Cate this week by dropping the lunchtime feeding/pumping. Because I'm NOT sick of having only 10 minutes to eat lunch every day at work. It's NOT like we have about 6 weeks worth of expressed milk in our freezer or anything. Cate will still enjoy momma's milk until her first birthday, which by the way, I am NOT starting to plan. I am NOT in denial that she is turning one soon and looking so grown up in her jeans too.
And I most certainly did NOT rock Cate for an extra long time this morning around nap time because she is getting big and moving all over the place and the moments when she is still and asleep in my arms are wonderful.

Nope, NOT me. :-)

~Melody :-)

Feel free to play along on your own blog.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Well, I would play along but I always do everything right the first time ;-)