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Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

This was started by another blogger over here. I've read hers for several Mondays now and thought that since I had some time, I would do my own. "Not Me Monday" is your chance to admit/clarify all those things you really "didn't" do this week. ;-) Enjoy!

This week:

I did not keep kissing and loving on Cate until I actually ended up coming down with her cold.

And I did not end up losing my voice as a result of that cold (which made teaching today quite difficult).

And speaking of teaching I did not fumble around with the keys to my cabinet so that I could get my coat out when the fire alarm went off for a fire drill because I didn't want to be any colder than I already was (because my classroom is not a meat locker and I was not already chilled from having a cold).

And instead of coming home to rest and get better, I did not go do a marketing research study so that I could make a quick $40 in a half an hour.

And I did not spend my quick $40 already on stuff for me and Cate (sorry Eric).

I am not getting my hopes up for a snow day or even a delay tomorrow since we're under a winter weather advisory.

And finally, I am not writing this when I know I should be in bed getting some rest...like this munchkin:
Hope you enjoyed my "not me" confessions. Feel free to play along on your own blog or in the comments section.


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