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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Exploring (at the museum, the Beehive, and at home)

We started off today by breaking in our pass at the Children's Museum. Cate was mesmerized by the mirror again.
But she also had some fun planting and replanting wooden vegetables in the ground.
After coming home for lunch and a nap, Cate and I headed out to the Beehive Co-Op. It's a new store that we've passed by several times when we've been walking in the past few weeks, but I haven't gone in. I have to say that I am very excited to have such a unique place in my neighborhood. It's kind of like an Etsy shop live instead of online. Different local crafters pay a fee to have their stuff sold at the co-op. They have everything from unique candies to home decorations to baby gifts to apparel to jewelery and more. I saw this, and as a cyclist, I couldn't resist. Plus, I love the chocolate brown color.
I aslo ordered a shirt for Cate (they didn't have any in stock) for her first birthday from Olive and Ollie, a woman who is based out of nearby Mason. It's a pink shirt with an applique ONE on it and it is totally perfect for Cate's first birthday. They had a blue one in the store, but no pink. :-( Hopefully it will be in soon.

We then headed home in the late afternoon sunshine where Cate and I had fun playing with all of her toys.
She's really getting the hang of pushing her little red wagon and the little car (in the video below). She only does it on her knees. Even though she's pulled up a few times, our very cautious little munchkin seems to prefer the safety and security of all fours or her knees.

We hope you all enjoyed the sunshine today too!

~Melody :-)

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