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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday Cate!

Hyde Park decided to have an art show on the square in honor of Cate's eight month birthday! Just kidding...but there really was an art show on the square today and it does happen to be Cate's eight month birthday. It's hard to believe how fast eight months has gone! We decided to head out the art show after church this morning.

While we don't practice "attachment" parenting (philosophy that says you should pretty much have your baby on you at all times), I do like to put Cate in the sling (love my Hotsling) or the front carrier instead of the stroller every so often. Today seemed like a good day for the sling since I didn't feel like maneuvering a stroller through a crowded square. Cate didn't seem to mind. It was cool to see all kinds of different art available for sale on the square. My personal favorites were the pictures done by local elementary, middle, and high school students. Maybe Cate will have some art there in a few years.

We posed for a picture in front of the fountain.
Cate was starting to get tired by this point, but we let her touch the water too. She is a little explorer for sure. We like to call her "Curious Cate."
We also found some pretty fall blooms and Daddy took these pictures.
It was a perfect day for baby leg warmers, which she has on under her dress. I LOVE baby leg warmers!!
Cate loves to touch the grass as well. She is fascinated by each little blade that sticks to her hand.

It was definitely a day well spent.

~Melody :-)


Chas said...

Cate is so cute and getting so big. You guys look like a very happy family! (why wouldn't you be? she is so adorable) Hey Eric. I've been meaning to call or email you, but you know how time gets away from you when you have a kid. I'm bored at work today, so I found your blog and I wanted to let you know we're in town this upcoming weekend. Jenny and the girls are having a wedding shower for Shawna at the church and all the guys are having a guy day at my parents house. The festivities are on Saturday the 11th. You're more than welcome to stop by for some food and football watching.

Leanne B. said...

Melody, she's so precious! Isn't it amazing how quickly time goes by. The fact that Cate is already 8 months is crazy! Caroline is going on 16 months... I would have to say that every stage is so much fun, but I really think you're entering a fabulous stage, where they really start to learn more independence and eventually start to walk! :)