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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am a bookworm, Eric also loves to read, and it looks like Miss Cate is following in our footsteps. We've been reading to her since birth. We even read to her a couple of times while she was still in the womb. While Cate doesn't understand the stories we read to her, it's great for her to pick up on language patterns and vocabulary. We started out with a Taggies soft book that was a gift from my mom's friend and a bath time edition of Rainbow Fish. We've carried and read those two books to Cate in more places than I can remember.

Lately she's been very curious about her board books. She kind of turns the pages. She bites them and chews on them. She pats them with her tiny little hands. She scratches at their textures with her fingers to see how they feel. She loves her bin of books. Her favorites right now seem to be: Click Clack ABC, Rainforest Discoveries, Goodnight Moon, and two books with pull-out shapes from Pottery Barn Kids (Andrea got us one of them...thanks...it's a hit). We have plenty more books for her to explore as she gets older. Her grandma just bought her a ton of Little Golden books, and I've been collecting children's books since before Cate was even a remote thought in my brain. My friends Jenn and Jane have also sent Cate books to read.

I encourage you if you're reading this to pick up a book and read...to yourself or to your children. In fact, I'm off to read some more as soon as I finish this post. But first...some pictures of Miss Cate and her books.

We love the different textures in Rainforest Discoveries.
Hmmm....which books to choose.
This one looks good today.
Time for another one. We keep her book bin on the lowest shelf of our bookcase so she can get to it. Although, since Cate is not quite into everything yet, we usually move it to the floor during playtime so that she can reach it.
But...Cate did crawl today. Up on all fours. For about 4 or 5 feet. Then she flipped out, belly-flopped, and gave up. She can go from her tummy to sitting though. So that's exciting. And it apparently looks like she's literally a few days away from crawling...but only time will truly tell.

~Melody :-)

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