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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Single Mommy Again

Eric left this morning to go to Illinois to be with his family. His grandfather passed away sometime Sunday night/Monday morning in his sleep. They believe it was a heart attack as he had been complaining about chest pains for 3 weeks or so, but never went to the doctor to take care of it. I know he and his family appreciate your thoughts and prayers. He'll be back late tomorrow night, which is why Cate and I decided to stay home. 12 hours of driving round trip in 36 hours, plus sleeping in a new place and meeting a ton of new people does not a happy baby make. So we're on our own again. Thankfully it's just for the one night.

It's hot out today, so we're really not going adventuring anywhere (except maybe to Panera for dinner since I got a lot of gift cards for there from my students at the end of the year). We're also meeting up with another mom who is buying our gently used cloth diapers. We loved the BumGenius! and gave it a good go, but no matter how eco-convicted we are, the fact remains that they really don't fit too well into our busy lives. They were a great idea and are a wonderfully made product. If I could stay home with Cate all the time, we may have taken the plunge to convert. Our original intent was to use them all summer and then at nights and on the weekends once school started. However, after giving it the trial run, we realized that you have to wash them every couple of days (or the diaper pail smells horrible) which means the whole night/weekend thing wouldn't really work out. And it's not worth the investment of our money to buy enough just to use full time for the summer.

So...luckily I had someone respond to a Craigslist posting after about 30 minutes and she wanted them. She's got a whole system down and is just looking for some extras. We're not really taking a loss since none of them stained and we bought them in bulk. It was worth the investment to give it a try, but in the long run we'll stick with our eco-friendly rated Pampers or maybe try out gDiapers to see if our 100 year old house's plumbing can handle it (these were rated the most eco-friendly diapers since you flush them). The diaper debate still rages on in the news, with people pointing out that while disposables take years to break down (yes, even the organic ones you buy at Whole Foods take a while since the odor/wetness absorbing part is the same), cloth diapers take a lot of water to wash. We're definitely concerned about our carbon footprint, and as we mentioned in an earlier post, are doing things to help reduce our waste and energy costs in hopes that the planet Cate inherits will still be a great and healthy place to be. Cloth diapers just aren't in the blueprints for us.

I don't have any new pictures to post right now as all we've done so far today is play inside and take some naps. Hopefully our attempt to make our own baby food will be more successful when we start that in a couple of months (and easier to keep up with).

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

Aunt B and 3 said...

I hear you on the odious diaper pail. Any vistor to our home was often greeted with ode de diaper washing odor. The water and time consumption was extreme to say the least. It is all a balance. Biking and walking and less auto use is a fair trade in my estimation. You and Cate do much to help the planet by walking to and from places and Eric riding his bike etc. Every little consideration helps. Keep cool all ~Aunt B~