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Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy/Daughter Weekend (Part Four)

Eric comes home tomorrow and we couldn't be happier! I think today I kind of hit my solo-parenting wall...probably because I had to go to work. I'm completely exhausted and worn out (but it was also field day at school today). But- tomorrow is also the last day of school :-) And then I'm home for several weeks with Cate :-)

On Wednesday we'll be heading up to Hudson for my sister's graduation. It's hard to believe the youngest of the three White kids is joining her brother and sister as a Hudson alum. I remember more about her being a baby and growing up than I do my brother- mostly because she's 7 and a half years younger than me. So it's weird to see her coming into adulthood, but also cool. Growing up we were as close as you can be with the age difference, but as we continue to get older, we continue to grow closer.

Eric, Cate, and I wish her all the best as she starts her studies in Athletic Training at Akron University in the fall!

For now, I will leave you with this picture. A week or so ago, Eric and I decided to put Cate in her high chair to see how she'd do since she'll be starting cereal and baby food soon. Her balance still isn't all that great, so we had to prop up her sides, but otherwise she looked like a natural.

~Melody :-)

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