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Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Official

My parents' home- the home I lived the longest in (summer between 5th and 6th grade until just before I got married) is on the market. It's weird to think that soon they'll be living in a home that I'll have never lived in. And it's weird to think about not going back to Hudson as often. I love Hudson...it's a great town (though I'll admit that I hated it and had some trouble adjusting at first). I still have friends that live in town or nearby, my aunt and uncle live a couple of towns away, and there are always class reunions. Plus, Eric still hasn't made it to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame or Jacobs' Field to watch the Tribe!

As many of you know, my dad decided to take a new job in Atlanta late last summer. It wasn't an easy decision for him as he and several people he had worked with for 20+ years were all working together at a company called Dealers Supply North. And my parents were actually planning a move back to Cincinnati. However, this job will allow my parents to save a little more for retirement and will allow my mom to essentially retire (though she says she's going to look for a part time job doing something in Atlanta to keep her busy). In fact, I'll probably even see a little more of my parents because of their flexibility.

Please pray that their home sells quickly. My dad has been working in Atlanta and flying home every weekend (since it was a pretty big year athletics-wise for my sister and since he and my mom were trying to get the house ready). Now that Catherine has graduated, his trips home aren't going to be quite as frequent since the plane tickets are so much. I know how hard of a time I have when Eric is away for only a few days, so I can't imagine how my mom must feel with my dad gone for 2 week stretches now and her with a house to sell (which means keeping it spotless, mowing the lawn, etc.). At least she has my brother and sister to keep her company and help out (yeah right).

We're also hoping they get moved to Atlanta by the end of the summer so we can take a mini-vacation (or at least Cate and I can) to go visit. I know that's a little selfish though. But,it will be nice to have some place a little warmer to escape to when the snow starts falling here this winter as well.

~Melody :-)

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