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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mommy/Daughter Weekend (Part Three)

Today was the most laid back of our days together. We had a relaxing morning with Cate jabbering away while we watched the Today Show in bed. The BumGenius! was a hit! It didn't leaked (though the liner was pretty soaked, so we'll have to use a doubler for the overnights) and it cleaned well this morning in the washing machine (I washed it with all of her yucky burp cloths, which are actually the old-fashioned cloth diapers that you fold and pin). It looks and smells brand new. So we're excited for Eric to get home and to head back down to Park and Vine to get more. I want to try to use them as often as I can this summer and then like I said, we're hoping to be cloth at night and on the weekends once I go back to work.

Then it was off to church. Cate had on an especially cute outfit that my dad's boss and his wife picked out for Cate. It's totally cute!
After church, we went out to lunch with my grandma and Uncle , then headed up to my in-laws to visit and have dinner. I didn't take any other pictures today ...in my single mommy state I forgot to pack the camera.

All in all, the last 3 days haven't been too bad. Cate has been unbelievably good...no crying...just a little bit of whining every once in a while. She's amazing. She amused herself when I needed to get things done and was a happy eater and napper and go-anywhere-er all weekend. But I really miss Eric and I think Cate misses her daddy. We're kind of done with our Tour de Cincinnati and hanging out and are ready to be a family of 3 again. Eric gets home on Tuesday night...we can't wait! I know I'll look back on this weekend in the future as time very well spent and I may even wish for it again. I'm savoring all of the time I'm getting to spend with Miss Cate, but like I said, nothing beats it when daddy's home.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are my last two days with students and then I'm free for the summer! Woo hoo!

~Melody :-)

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