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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take Cate Out to the Ballgame...and other random busy-ness :-)

So, on Friday, Cate finally got to meet her uncle RyRy! It took him a little while to get here from Blue Ash so, we decided to get experimental with our camera.
But when he did finally see her, he couldn't get enough of her.

So When Saturday rolled around, Mel had to play single mom while Eric went and supported the bikers for Team in Training on their 80-mile route. Cate got plenty of time sitting up, and playing in her exer-saucer (which she can now stand up in with a few blankets around her) and then spent time with Eric while Mel took her bike out for the first time in 6 months. (Between the 2 5K's, the countless walks, and the biking, you would have never thought Mel was only 3&1/2 months postpartum. She is amazing!!)

When Sunday morning came, Eric set up shop at the Tri for Joe with a TNT tent and all kinds of goodies. (Interesting note: This same weekend last year was when we found out we were about to have a little one to take us from DINKS - double income, no kids - to a family) And if all of that weren't enough, Eric, Melody and the whole staff of Team in Training got to enjoy a box suite at the reds game. Cate went to her first Baseball game, and man was she in style.

Overall, It was a great weekend. Only a couple of weeks until Tahoe (Pray for Mel for being alone with Cate for almost a week) and three weeks until the end of school. Then some of the busy-ness will subside and we get to enjoy Cate even more. Happy Summer!!

- The Riggs'

1 comment:

Ryan said...

yeah:) pictures! You guys look great in the reds outfits. Cate is so beautiful- you all really do need to make a couple more, it'd be a shame to stop now...lol