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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meeting Emily

Cate finally got to meet our wonderful friend, Emily, who lives across the ocean in England. Em and Eric went to high school together. I met Emily my freshman year at Miami (her sophomore year) when we joined Kappa Phi. When I met Eric a year and a half later it was very convenient that he already knew some of my friends. :-) Anyway...Em moved a couple of years ago to London for her job. Hopefully I'll get over to visit her soon. On her visit home she got to meet Cate and brought her some cool accessories- sunglasses and sandals (Em is very much an accessories girl and while I do well to pick out cute clothes for Miss Cate, Em will have to help us enhance the outfits). ;-)
Her timing couldn't have been better. Eric and I had just been discussing the need to get her some sunglasses since the sun shades in our cars don't always keep the sun out of her eyes and she hates it when the stroller shade is adjusted to block the sun, but also blocks her view (you can pull the shade all the way down to meet the tray depending on where the sun is). Cate still doesn't know she has hands yet, so right now she leaves them on and doesn't complain. Although they do slide down her nose a little bit since her nose is so tiny...but seeing as she's growing like a weed, they're perfect! Thanks Em! This is even more proof that summer is here (we think for real this time)!


1 comment:

Emily said...

What a cutie! I'm so glad I could finally meet her and also that I could be a help with the accessories. I am happy to advise in the future! Love, E