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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Flying Pig

Last weekend was Flying Pig weekend in Cincinnati and it kept both of us busy. Since Eric works for Team in Training (a part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), he was busy taking things to the Expo on Friday, setting up the carbo-loading pasta party (with special guests, Team Lachey from Clash of the Choirs) all day Saturday, and getting the finish line tent set up at Yeatman's Cove at 1:30 Sunday morning. All of this left Melody as pretty much a single mom for the weekend. Cate and Eric did come out to cheer Mommy on as she ran the 5k Saturday morning though. Here they are pre-race. Like Cate's TNT onesie?
It poured down rain the entire time, and it was hilly. Considering that Melody only ran once in between Rat Race and this 5K, she was just glad to finish in just under 42 minutes.
Afterwards, we headed to the temporary TNT staff headquarters in the St. Nicholas Suite at the Hilton downtown. Cate took a nap in what we liked to call "Fort Cate"- she was surrounded by pillows since she has a tendency to scoot in her sleep.
The suite was amazing. It was two stories with four individual rooms that lead out into a two story common room. Here's the view from the stairs.
And a view of the stairs. The friendly Hilton folks were kind enough to give the staff the room since TNT booked about 150 rooms for participants.
On Sunday, Melody and Cate hung out at the finish line tent for a while and then just chilled at home for the rest of the day. Monday brought Cate's 3 month birthday. Here's the birthday girl at 8:35 that night, just a half hour shy of it being her 3 month birthday to the minute.
As for the video we took of Cate "talking" earlier today, you're going to have to wait...due to some technical issues (ie...it takes forever to load and we're really tired), we'll post it later this weekend when we update you on Melody's first Mother's Day (even though she was a mommy last year and just didn't know it yet).

~Eric and Melody (and Cate)

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Debra said...

I saw Cate talking and she is adorable.!!!!!!!!!!