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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New pictures

We've finally managed to put a few more pictures on our Shutterfly site. The link is at the right (or go to www.riggsfamilypictures.shutterfly.com). A lot of them have been posted on the blog already, but there are a few that haven't been. Things have been crazy since I went back to work, but I love my job and need the daily adult interaction and conversation. :-) Plus, it makes my time with Cate so much sweeter.

We're off to Wooster tomorrow and Friday for the Power of the Pen state tournament. I've been involved as a coach of our school's competition creative writing team since I started teaching at Mason. We've made it to states every year for the last 6 or 7 years (I can't remember how many times we went before I got there). This year all 12 of our writers qualified for this final tournament (a rarity with POP). Eric and Cate are going because I'm kind of Cate's food supply and while we have a stockpile of expressed milk in the freezer, I didn't want her taking only a bottle for 2 days....I was afraid it might interrupt our nursing relationship and might start a more intimate relationship between me and my pump (although I really do like mine...Medela is the best). So off we all go.

Sorry there are no pictures to post...we haven't taken any new ones since the Reds game. We'll be sure to take some more this Memorial Day weekend. And hopefully we'll have good news about the POP team.

If you're looking for some other interesting reading, I suggest you check out http://cfhusband.blogspot.com

A friend of mine first introduced me to the story of this family and it's incredible. The doctors told them to abort the baby or mother and baby would both have slim survival chances. They didn't listen, and mom and baby are now doing amazingly well. Just check it out!

~Melody :-)

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