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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tech-Savvy Parents...sort of

It's amazing the things you purchase when you add a baby to your family. Our old video camera was a cheap one that Melody got when she went to England. Somewhere along the way it got dropped, ate some tapes, and quit working. So with Cate's arrival, we invested in a much better video camera and began using it in Nashville taking little video clips of her (Eric is a great videographer and photographer as he usually the one behind the lens). Now we're trying to figure out iMovie (Mel took a class in it a couple of summers ago, but hasn't used it since, so we're pretty much starting from scratch). Here is our first attempt at an iMovie (Eric gets the credit for this one). The picture quality isn't great...but it would take forever to load if we had it exactly as it will be when we burn it on a DVD (once we figure out how to use the DVD burner):

Hope you liked it! Enjoy and hopefully our little movies will get better as we get better at using iMovie.
~Eric and Melody

1 comment:

Aunt B and 3 said...

Loved the background song...perhaps next an outdoor video with a background of "You Are My Sunshine..." that is if we ever get some sunshine! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Easter! Love Aunt B