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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Milestone Day/Night

Normally there wouldn't be anything spectacular about my alarm going off at 5am. That's pretty much when I start my day (although during my 9th month of pregnancy and during summer break, I sleep much later), but on any given workday, that's when I'm up. We've got Cate on a great schedule for when I go back to work with her first feeding being at 5am...so naturally, my alarm should be going off then to feed her. But what was great about today's 5am buzzer, was that Cate had been sound asleep in her bed since 9:30 last night! We have slept through the night people! Now hopefully she'll repeat this again tonight and the night after and the night after....
And she still went back down after the 5am feeding until 8 and then proceeded to fall asleep in her papasan seat until we left for church.
She was a little more awake after church so we donned her in her Nike apparel (one of her runner mommy and daddy's favorite little outfits) and decided to take advantage of a break in the rain and put our new zoo passes to use.

Here we are at the zoo. She slept most of the time, but it was still fun. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. My favorite was a monkey (not sure what kind) that had a 3 week old baby. The baby pretty much just held onto its mom while she swung from branch to branch and ate. It could nurse whenever it needed to. If only it were that easy for humans. :-) We can't wait for Cate to be awake longer in the day to enjoy the zoo and plan on making several trips there this spring and summer.

~Melody :-)

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