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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mom's One Month Checkup

At almost exactly this time one month ago, Eric and I went into the doctor's office only to be told to head to the hospital. Today's doctor visit was much different. I didn't mind being weighed this time (I've lost about 20 pounds since giving birth, and I haven't even started doing any exercising yet aside from a couple of walks with the dog). And I can quit the Motrin and Senekot regimen I've been on since giving birth. The best news though...my stitches have healed and I can start resuming some normal activities (like running and biking etc., as long as I start slow and work up to where I was pre-pregnancy). I can even swim or sit in the hot tub next week when we're in Nashville if I want!

So it's not like I'm going to jump right back into things...don't worry. Besides it's rainy and cold here and all I really want to do is snuggle with Cate on the couch and read. But it's just so nice to know that everything healed the way it was supposed to and that I can start progressing back towards normalcy. Cate's one month checkup is tomorrow and we're praying that things go just as well for her.

Speaking of which...here's your Cate picture for the day.....
She loves to sleep swaddled. :-)


1 comment:

Aunt B and 3 said...

This is my current screen-saver at Allstate....a Christian artist named Sandi Patty sings a song that says...she came special delivery...wrapped-up in love..I think of that when I see our Cate all snug as a bug!