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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cate's First Easter (and Murphy's Law of Breastfeeding)

Sorry it's been a while since our last post. We've certainly been busy. This past weekend, we loaded up the car again and headed to Hudson to visit Melody's family for Easter. Cate was happy to wait on her tummy while we packed things up.
We left on Friday and had a very uneventful trip. Melody has discovered the Murphy's Law of breastfeeding though. Cate still has to eat every 3 hours during the day (but goes almost 6 at night), which means that on our trip to Hudson, we have to stop to feed her. So we pull into a parking lot (this time it happened to be Wendy's on both the trip there and back home) and pull into the very last back space. Sure enough, on both trips, someone pulled in right next to us while Cate was trying to eat. This also happened in the huge Cracker Barrel parking lot on the way home from Nashville. Oh well...it's what is best for Cate, so Melody has given up caring in those situations. But back to our trip...
Cate enjoyed hanging out with all of her family. She especially loved reading the newspaper with grandpa. Melody loved that she didn't change a diaper all weekend. Eric or Nana usually took care of it while Melody caught up on some much needed mommy relaxation time.
Easter morning brought a basket with a book and Cate's favorite shaped pacifiers, a bunny from great-granny, and a "piece of money" from Nana and Grandpa. And other than Cate looking away from the camera (she was already sleepy...and proceeded to sleep through church), we did manage a good family pic before heading off to the service.
It's hard to believe that our little girl is 7 weeks old today. And that Melody returns to work 2 weeks from today. But for now, we're just enjoying the Cincinnati sunshine (it snowed Friday night when we got up there). We're definitely looking forward to Nana and Grandpa's move to Atlanta this summer. Even though they'll be a little farther away, it'll be much warmer when we go to visit.

~Eric and Melody

1 comment:

Leanne B. said...

How cute is she! And I remember those days of parking in the last spot of a parking lot! I think we ventured to the Cracker Barrel lot on a trip as well!!!! :) Glad you guys had fun on your trip!