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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How We Celebrated Six!

In my last post, I said that we were celebrating our sixth anniversary at the wedding of my friend, Emily. I've known Emily since we were in middle school and have been good friends with her since high school. We went to different schools but attended the same church and youth group. Her wedding was a sort of homecoming/reunion for a lot of us that spent our teen years together at First Church.
Above are some of the girls (now women) that I used to get into trouble with hang out with a lot. There were countless sleepovers, cases of the "church giggles," shared secrets, and practical jokes (like when we thought it would be funny at summer camp to get the guys from our group to carry Emily's mattress-- with a sleeping Emily on it-- to a picnic table so she would wake up there-- the girl would sleep through anything). In fact, our group used to look a lot like this at summer camp each year (not sure I why I look so un-anxious to be in this photograph): Now we look like this (minus a few of the faces you see above):
And well, since a lot of us have since found significant others and some of us have even had kids, we look a little more like this (minus the kids-- unless you count the one growing in my belly right now who is due just 3 days before Melissa's-- the bridesmaid on the left in this picture): It was a perfect way to celebrate 6 years of marriage. Being at weddings always reminds me of the vows Eric and I made to one another on July 10, 2004-- a mere 2,191 days ago (Emily's dad has a thing for counting days to or from big events, as he shared in a really cool toast to the bride and groom).

Congratulations again Emily and Joe! And to everyone else-- it was a blast seeing you again this weekend!

~Melody :-)

P.S. Thanks to Jennifer too (on the far left in the top picture). I totally stole all of these pictures from her Facebook site since I was too lazy to upload my own. :-)

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