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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The countdowns are in single digits (almost)-- 11 days until Christmas morning, 9 days until my little guy turns one, 4 more early mornings until break.

On the health front, I still don't have a lot of news to report-- for me, anyway. One thyroid test came back abnormal, but a more specific test was normal. I'm having my gall bladder checked Friday. Honestly though, I think it's all related to weaning. I have to keep reminding myself to give myself grace, to give my body grace. I carried a baby for 9 months, nursed a baby for 10.5 months before we started weaning, and weaning has been a quick process as opposed to the period of 3-4 months that I took to wean Cate. It's temporary. And I will feel better eventually. Today, I actually felt the best I've felt in awhile. So good that my typical lunch of late-- 1/2 of a PB sandwich, saltines, some fruit, and a Sprite-- didn't sound appealing and I went and got a burger and fries instead.
And then there's Brennan. Yesterday he got to the point where he just flat out screamed when we tried to feed him baby food-- still stage 2, mind you. I took him to the doctor who finally gave him some medicine for a sinus infection (we've either been to the doctor or called the doctor at least once every two weeks since all this nastiness began with him at the beginning of November). She looked at his tonsils though and described them as "generous." Once we clear up the sinus infection, we'll take a look at his tonsils again and see if they need to come out. So my sweet boy may not have a sensitive gag reflex after all. His large tonsils could be causing him pain when he swallows thick, lumpy food. As a result of not eating a lot of solids, my guy has only gained about a pound in 3 months. Again, it's all temporary and I have to remind myself that once he's taken all of his antibiotic and if it comes to surgery, that afterwards he'll be better.

All of this will pass.

And no matter how crappy I feel or how crappy my kids feel or how crappy Eric feels (though thankfully he's been a pretty perfect picture of health lately), we're there for one another and we all make each other smile. On a totally random, other topic--A couple of weeks ago, Cate had parent observation night at dance class. She has made huge improvements! I'll leave you with a picture of her concentrating hard and a short little video from my cell phone.

Peace and blessings to you,
~Melody :-)

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