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Friday, December 23, 2011

My Sweet, Sweet, Boy

Dear Brennan,
Your presents are wrapped.
Everything is waiting for you to wake up.
I've scheduled this post to publish at 4:13AM, the minute that I met you exactly one year ago.
I never thought another boy would steal my heart. Up until now, your Daddy was it for me. But then you entered the world after 21 hours of labor that resulted in an emergency c-section and you had my heart from your first cry.
You were a perfect early Christmas present. You made Cate a big sister.
You showed Mommy and Daddy just how possible it is to love two kids so much!
Your smile and laugh are infectious!
You are such a smart boy. We've already heard you say "Mama," "Dada," "doggie," "cat," and "fish." You are curious. I'm pretty sure making car noises is a skill you were born with. And man, do you have an arm!
Thanks for being patient with us as we learned to use cloth diapers. And to make your food. And as we figured out that it wasn't a sensitive reflex, but big tonsils that caused you to gag so much.You were a great roommate for the entire year that you bunked in with Mommy and Daddy, not even stirring when we'd giggle to 30 Rock or Modern Family.
You crawl fast and cruise the furniture. You point at everything and want to know what it is. You are pure joy and delight and blessing all rolled into one perfect package. We love you so much! You are my sweet, sweet, boy! I'm excited to see what year 2 brings!


1 comment:

mama marchand said...

Way to make me cry first thing in the morning! ;) Happy birthday, sweet Brennan! The photos with the balloons are amazing.