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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ordinary Miracles

While I wish I had enough spare cash in the bank to be one of those layaway angels who anonymously provide Christmas miracles for people, this year I'm thankful for the ordinary miracles in my life.

Like Brennan's antibiotics working wonders to heal him. He's sleeping better, eating better, and seems happy. Hopefully he's gaining some weight too since he barely weighed 21 pounds with clothes on when we took him in a week ago for all of the crud he's been dealing with. In fact, he's sleeping so well, that Eric and I reclaimed our bedroom last night. Brennan has been our pint-sized roommate for the last year. It's really been fine as he sleeps through anything. But our intention from the beginning was to have him and Cate share a room.
However, our little guy liked to breastfeed at night and then at 5am once he dropped the night feeding up until about 3 months ago. And then every time we'd plan a weekend to move Brennan in, something would happen-- Cate would be up all night coughing with a cold, Brennan's tonsil issues/gagging issues set in, we'd go out of town, etc. So we decided that this little break of mine would be a good time to do it-- two weeks to adjust before I have to get up for work again. Last night was night one. And my kids rocked it! Brennan didn't wake up when Cate got up to go to the bathroom. He woke himself up a couple of times and hummed himself back to sleep, never waking Cate up.
I'm thankful for the ordinary miracle of sleep. And of the breaks in the academic schedule so I can spend time at home hangin' out with my kiddos. I'm also thankful for the generosity of others. My team of students sponsored a local family for the holidays-- six kids and their mom. Earlier this week, we delivered a trunk full of presents.
And when we found out upon delivery that one of the kids we shopped for was listed as a girl but was really a boy-- well, I'm thankful for the ordinary miracle my colleagues performed as they all braved various stores with less than a week to go before Christmas to get boy clothes and toys. And yes, the boy has a sister one year younger than him that can use all of the stuff we mistakenly collected for a girl.

I'm thankful for the ordinary miracle of the magic of Christmas. Cate is so excited and can't wait for Santa to come. I'm thankful for the ordinary miracle of doctors and nurses that bring life into the world (a year ago today I was in labor with my sweet boy).

The only ordinary miracle I'm holding out for? Being dismissed from jury duty-- I'm supposed to have it for two weeks beginning 1/9 and I really don't want to miss school. We're beginning literature of the Holocaust and our study of the book, Night. Depressing as the topic is, it's really one of my favorite units.

What ordinary miracles are you marveling in this season?

~Melody :-)


Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Awwww, I love the pictures of sleeping B with all his binkies strewn around his crib! ADORABLE! I'm glad the new roomies are getting along well.

I am thankful for the miracle of faith. Last year, I was so unsure of how our family would welcome a new baby... and now I can't imagine my world without C! God spoke to my heart, proving that he knows exactly what he's doing and that I'm painfully, sinfully human!

mama marchand said...

I, too, love that picture of B with his binkies! So cute! So relieved for you that the first night of them together went well! :)

I am thankful for the joy that N is finding in Christmas. Just the "wow" I hear every single time we turn on the Christmas tree lights brings a smile to my face.

Carly said...

Beautifully written! Glad that night one of reclaiming your room was successful. When I was home, we were good about making Ky sleep in his bed, but since I've been back to work he spends about half the night in our bed. Hope you enjoy your well deserved time off! (and get out of jury duty!)

Anonymous said...

I find so much joy in hearing little Kayden sing Happy Birthday to Jesus in her room before falling asleep. I love those candid moments when she doesn't realize I'm listening in. I am also so thankful for my little boy. He's such a good baby.