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Friday, December 16, 2011

Angels We Have Heard On High

Today Cate had her preschool Christmas program. I don't think she expected me to be there because this is how she looked when she walked in and saw me.
I had planned on attending because her program luckily fell during my lunch and plan time at school. However, I had a doctor's appointment today (everything's okay and no, I'm not pregnant...just checking on some stuff). So instead of having to rush back to school, I was able to enjoy her program, the reception afterward, and lunch out with my family before going to the doctor.
Girlfriend sang her heart out. Her class dressed as angels. The two classes of older children were shepherds and wise men. The class of younger children were dressed as sheep. The preschool director and the pastor of the church where Cate attends took turns reading the Christmas story. They would pause for breaks and let each class sing the song they worked on. Cate's class' song was "Angels Watching Over Me." I thought you might enjoy a little video of her. She's second from the left in front.

After it was over, we enjoyed socializing with the other preschool parents. Cate also gave me a tour of her classroom and showed me her latest piece of artwork. Her lead teacher (who also teaches the extra music class that Cate has stayed for on Wednesdays all year) told us that Cate definitely has her dad's ear for music. And she invited Eric to bring in his guitar and play for the kids sometime. I'll have to be sure and take a personal day for that. Even Brennan gets into music now-- boppin' his head and bouncing on his bottom any time he hears a melody.
The countdowns continue-- 2 more school days, 1 week until my little guy turns one and 9 days until Christmas. Our Christmas shopping is DONE! Now we just have a few last minute first birthday party things to take care of.

Brennan's first year book arrived in the mail today.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.

I'm ready to snuggle up with Eric once the kids are in bed, look through it, and then work on wrapping some presents.

~Melody :-)

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