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Sunday, March 20, 2011

We're Still Alive and Well, I Promise

It's been almost a week. And no, we didn't sneak off to some awesome vacation during this blog hiatus. Life has just been busy. And my personal rule is 15 minutes of internet a day while the kids are awake. Any other blog-reading/writing, email-checking, Facebook-stalking, web-browsing, and Amazon-shopping must be done when the kiddos are sleeping, gone somewhere with Daddy, etc. That 15 minutes gives me roughly 3 5-minute email checks during the day, but I'm not that cool, so there's usually nothing new.

Anyway, this girl is being much better about going to the bathroom:
We haven't had any freaking out episodes since Thursday night. She did hold it until we got home when we were out and about on Friday, but she didn't have an accident. She's been acting out in other ways too. Nothing major. She is clearly craving attention--even if it's negative. Her outbursts usually come when I'm feeding Brennan or changing his diaper-- when she knows I can't pay attention to her. But Eric and I both have been very conscious about spending one-on-one time with her throughout the day and she's been receptive. We seem to have to issue fewer time-outs with each day.

This little guy is ready for baseball season (and so is Mommy as it's one sport she really enjoys):
Last Sunday we went to the circus. Cate has never been. She enjoyed meeting some of the performers and watching some demonstrations on the floor before the show started.
In my opinion, it was a little long for a 3-year-old to sit through. There were times when she got bored. I don't think we'll go back next year, but I would like to go back when Brennan is 4-ish so that he can experience it-- I doubt he'll remember any of this one.

We had a very busy St. Patrick's Day. It started with a trip to the zoo where we met up with one of my coworkers who is also on maternity leave for the rest of the school year. Cate had fun seeing the animals.
She also had fun petting this chicken who happened to be roaming free in the Kids' Zoo/Playground area. This chicken tried to attack us. I'm not kidding. It liked the goldfish crackers Cate dropped and was determined to get more, even if it meant making sounds I've never heard a chicken make before and jumping up on the bench where we were sitting.
Cate took a nap when we got home. Brennan slept. Mommy watched basketball (notice B's basketball outfit for the day-- he had on a green diaper too, we covered March Madness and St. Patty's).
We went to a cookout later that night with our friends. Eric and I went on a wonderful date night Friday night. We stopped by a bookstore on the way home where we picked up this and this (can't wait to read this...I love Beth Moore). And I had dinner out with a great friend last night.

The weather has been warmer here, so we've been outside a lot too. My mom is on spring break this week, so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her while she's down to visit.

Whew, I think that covers everything since I last wrote.

~Melody :-)

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