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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Months

Our little winter wonder man turned 3 months old today! I wished him a happy birthday as he happily nursed around 6 this morning (even though he was officially 3 months old at 4:13am).

I heard him laugh out loud for the first time last Friday (3/18) when I was visiting with a friend who just moved back to town. After trying all weekend to get him to laugh, Eric finally got to hear his sweet giggles yesterday morning as my dad bounced Brennan on his lap (he then promptly spit up on my mom).

Brennan continues to be a mellow, peaceful baby. He smiles a lot, loves to watch basketball on TV, squawks when people leave him alone in a room (even if it's just to go grab the phone or rinse off his diaper to put in the pail after a diaper change). He thinks his big sister is the coolest (she seems to get the most smiles) and is getting a little more vocal with his coos and when he needs something. He's sleeping pretty consistently through the night, going to bed around 10 and waking up around 6. The nursery volunteers at church say he's the best baby in the nursery. I'm sure they tell all parents that, but I like to pretend it's just my son. And he's lost that last little bit of "newborn" look and is full-on baby.

We love you, little man!

~Melody :-)


Anonymous said...

THREE months? Where does the time go? Happy 3 month birthday, precious little guy! :)

Emily said...

He definitely has the look of a baby now! What a beautiful boy he is turning into! Congrats Mama on making it this far with two little ones! :)