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Monday, February 21, 2011

Off the Cell Phone

The lack of posting last week? Mostly due to the GORGEOUS spring-like weather we had here. We went to the park three out of the five days last week. Cate decided she liked the big-girl swing (all pictures from the phone since I'm a slacker and am lucky to get out of the house with my kids and the stuff they need, let alone the camera).
Brennan decided he liked the sunshine. Mommy decided she is in LOVE with our double-stroller. It's easy to push with one or two hands, turns on a dime, fits through a standard doorway (important for getting into our local coffee shop), and keeps the kids safe.
(Stroller picture is actually from two weeks ago when it was only in the low-40's-- we almost hit 70 this past week)

On Saturday we walked not only to the coffee shop, but to a family festival at the preschool Cate will attend next year. I love that her school is within walking distance. She'll attend three mornings/week. She had a blast playing games and doing crafts at the festival and seems to like the idea of going to school.
She just doesn't understand that it's still 7 months away as she asked me if she could go now since she's three. She asked to go to school back in the fall when she would drop off/pick up my friend's daughters from school since my friend watched her. I told her she couldn't go until she was 3. So I guess that's why she thinks she should go now. I hope she still wants to go to school when she's 13. If she's anything like her Mommy, she'll always like school.

~Melody :-)


Emily said...

So glad you were able to enjoy some time outside! And I cannot believe how much Brennan looks like Cate! How big he is getting all ready... :)

Mama Marchand said...

Awww ... Brennan is smiling! He is so cute! :) Remind me again - who makes that double stroller? (for future reference ... no, I'm not pregnant)