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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Handmade Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! My goal this year was to make my three sweethearts gifts for Valentine's Day. For Brennan, a handmade sensory blanket made with minky fabric, robot fabric, and ribbon. It's small enough to fold up into the diaper bag and take on the go, but big enough that he can lay his head and arms on it to have some tummy time (with another blanket underneath it since it's not big enough to fit his whole body.
For Cate, a small orange sock monkey. Eric got me this book and kit for Christmas. When I opened it, Cate said, "You can make that for me right Mommy?" Of course, Cate. You can hand sew any of the creatures in the book, but I used the sewing machine when I could to make it go faster. And when attaching body parts, I used thick embroidery floss to give him more of the handmade Frankenstein-ish look. Warning-- if you buy the kit, they don't include nearly enough stuffing. Good thing I had some here at home.
For Eric, it was this hat that I finished a few weeks ago. I gave it to him early since we hit a cold spell. Good thing too since this week the temperatures are going to be in the 50's and we might even hit 60 by Friday! So I also got him volume one of a comic book series he's been wanting to read, Strangers in Paradise, and some new vinyl from our favorite local record store-- Over the Rhine's "The Long Surrender" and a Steve Martin banjo album (did you know he played banjo-- he's quite good). "The Long Surrender" marks the first time I've purchased a new release album on record before purchasing it on CD or iTunes.
Happy Valentine's Day! The two kiddos are sporting their Valentine's Day shirts, from Target of course.
~Melody :-)


Carly said...

You are such a creative mommy! I don't know how you find time with 2 little ones. The sock monkey is impressive! Looks like something you would buy in the stores! Your kids are lucky to have such a crafty mom.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Mel! :) Love all three things. You are so creative!