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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art Class Redux

Back in this post, I briefly mentioned that art class had started back up again. But since we're purchasing the sessions as we go instead of paying for the entire series up front, we weren't aware of the cancellation that day. Cate and I ended up painting pottery instead and she chose an owl bank. We finally got around to picking him up. He turned out to be quite cute.
We did make it to art class last week and today (hooray for getting the kiddos dressed and out of the house to get there on time since Eric has had to staff Team in Training workouts the last several Saturday mornings). Last week's class was all about Charley Harper (a personal favorite). After looking at several of his paintings in a book, the teacher chose one to focus on.
And the kids made copycat prints using paper, glue, toothpicks, and a marker. And even though Harper's didn't have googly eyes, Cate LOVES those things and had to use them in her picture.
This week the focus was on making special pieces for Valentine's Day. Cate did both projects all by herself! She even told me not to help her. The first project was making a heart wand (the class was all girls today). Cate squirted glue on the heart and then put crumpled tissue paper on it before gluing the whole thing to a stick.
The next project involved painting an entire piece of paper red...
...gluing silver tissue paper hearts and feathers to it (the wet paint acted as glue)...
...and the finished project looked like this:
We actually have been doing some Valentine crafting around home as well. I stole this idea from a friend's blog. It was a great excuse to use up some odds and ends of yarn I had around the house. Using a cornstarch/water glue, yarn, and heart-shaped cookie cutters, we made some cute heart decorations.
Now that they've hardened, my plan is to tie ribbons through them to hang them from different windows around the house.
Cate was also hard at work making some Valentines to mail and give to friends and family. I found cute sticker kits at Target and after stickering the Valentines...
...she drew inside of them. They're now in the mail, off to friends and family all over the country.
Happy Weekend!

~Melody :-)

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Lynn said...

Great ideas and fun craft projects!