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Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions and a Simplified Year

I kept my resolutions simple last year. I always figure that tangible and realistic resolutions are the best way to set yourself up for success. Last year I resolved to:
1. To be present
2. To learn how to knit and sew more
3. To make more of an effort to grow spiritually

I think being pregnant with Brennan sort of forced me to be present. I didn't want to miss a moment of being with Cate while she was still our one and only. Yes, there were preparations to be made for Brennan's arrival, but I found myself looking days and weeks (and occasionally months) down the road instead of years.
I don't know that I learned to sew much more, but in the knitting realm I have moved beyond scarves and dishcloths. I finished a newborn blanket for Brennan, which he has already been lovingly wrapped in several times.
I also started a hat on circular needles for Eric. Obviously we're in the midst of adjusting to life with two kids and recovering from the c-section, but hopefully I'll finish this by Valentine's Day. I also have the stuff to start a blanket for Cate. Bigger needles and chunkier yarn should make it go much faster than Brennan's blanket. Eric got me a sock creature making kit for Christmas, so I'm excited to spend some time making some cute animal friends for my kiddos.
And 2010 was definitely a year of spiritual growth and reconnection-- starting with the FREE journey we did at church during Lent last year and continuing right on through this fall's Healing and Deliverance class I took at church. I dealt with some of my strongholds and personal "demons"...namely perfectionism, anxiety/worry, and fear. And I've come out much stronger in my faith as a result. It's not "over," and in fact, it's never going to be "over" on this earth, but I have a lot more confidence in dealing with my strongholds when they rear their ugly heads.

So for 2011?
1. To enjoy being at home with my kids for the next 8 months. It's a fabulous opportunity and while I'll miss the classroom (it already seems strange to know I'm not going back to work this coming week), it's time I won't get back. It may try my patience over and over again, but in the end it will all be worth it. I'll be a better mother and wife for having spent the time at home and a better teacher for having taken the time off.

2. To make more of an effort to get outside...on walks, at the park, etc. This was hard this past year since I spent most of it pregnant. But I'm looking forward to days spent in the backyard, at the park, and on walks. Especially since I'll be home during the day.

3. To create more-- whether it's through knitting, art projects with Cate (and later, Brennan), playing with Play-Doh, sewing, cooking, baking, photography, whatever. And to not be afraid of the failures. My best creation as of late though:
So yeah, pretty simple, unexciting resolutions. I could say I resolve to lose weight, but some of that is already happening naturally as I nurse Brennan and my body adjusts to not growing a human. Some of it will require a little more effort though. I could say I resolve to learn more about photography, which I want to do, but like all things, that takes time, time potentially away from the kids, and I honestly don't know if I'll have that this year. We'll see. For now though, I think 2011 in general is shaping up to be one of simplicity, and I like that just fine.


Some of my 2010 "bests":
Best book I read: The Help
Best album listened to: Jack Johnson's To the Sea
Best new restaurant discovery in Cincinnati: Nada
Best purchase: I never thought I'd say this, but I think getting a mini-van was one of the best things we've done. It's been practical and now that we have two, it makes even more sense.

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