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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy One Month Birthday

I can't believe that it's already been a month since Brennan was born! Time is flying by much faster than I would care to acknowledge. Although, I am thankful that time has brought about healing and more energy for me as well as adjustment for Cate. There is a part of me that is about 90% sure we won't have any more children, so I just want to hang onto these baby days as much as I can (yes, there is still that 10% that thinks a third might be fun in a few years, but I kind of blame that on the lovey-dovey-cuddly post-partum hormones). Those are thoughts for a whole other post.

This morning I thought for sure that Brennan would sleep right through his one-month birthday. He sleeps a lot-- I'm not complaining. He loves sleeping on his tummy. No, we don't put him to sleep that way. But if he falls asleep having tummy-time on the floor, I tend to leave him that way for a little while. And if I'm just reading in bed while Cate is having some Daddy time, I usually put him on his belly next to me. But even on his back, Brennan is still a good sleeper. Still just waking up every 3-4 hours to eat at night (or sometimes waking up because he's spit his pacifier out).
Luckily, he decided to show his pretty baby blues to us this afternoon.
Cate clearly takes her role as big sister seriously.
And in other news, I was able to enjoy not one, but two dinners out this weekend. Friday night, the four us headed to a restaurant that has deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. We'd been wanting to try it for awhile now. Some of my co-workers happened to be there as well, so it was fun to introduce Brennan to them. Last night, Cate spent the night with Eric's parents so I got to have dinner with my boys. Brennan slept through all of the noise at Olive Garden while Eric and I enjoyed dinner and a piece of tiramisu for dessert.

Lately these days, I just feel like one blessed mama. I won't lie, those first couple of weeks at home with both of them were rough. But we're settling into a nice little rhythm. I'm just hoping now that the weather starts to get warmer next month so we can enjoy some walks outside. For now though, I have someone's 3rd birthday party preparations and a couple of knitting projects to keep me busy indoors (not that the kids don't keep me busy enough).

~Melody :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you're enjoying life with two a little more now. ;) What kind of knitting? Tell me, tell me!

P.S. Brennan is such a cutie!

The Riggs Family said...

A hat for Eric-- I'm getting ready to start decreasing, so we'll see how it goes. This is my first hat. He may not want to wear it.

And a blanket for Cate. It's in the very beginning stages. When I was knitting Brennan's blanket, she said she wanted a purple one. It'll be the same style as his but with chunkier yarn on thicker needles so that it goes faster.