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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

March of the Penguin Cupcakes

A promise is a promise, even when your kid is only two and a half years old and doesn't even remember said promise. You see, back when I got the Hello, Cupcake! book for my birthday, Cate found the penguin cupcake page and was mesmerized by it. I promised her that I'd make penguin cupcakes for us before summer's end. Well, school started, and I hadn't made them yet. But, Eric was quick to point out that technically summer doesn't end until September 21st. He started buying the ingredients for me last week. As soon as Eric was feeling better last Saturday, we ventured out to Jungle Jim's (a grocery shopping experience in our area like none you've ever experienced). Cate enjoyed watching the fake animals in the water fountain outside.
With the harder-to-find ingredients in hand, we headed home to make penguin cupcakes. It was an almost two-hour labor of love. In the end, these guys really look more like they belong in Chernobyl, not the South Pole. I blame it mostly on inferior donut holes and mini donuts.
The recipe has you make seven penguins, four icebergs, and a bucket of fish treats-- the "catch of the day," which is pulled by the last penguin in line. I used fish-shaped sprinkles, so it's kind of hard to tell that it's fish in his bucket.
The process to make them wasn't hard, just time consuming. And I guess if I were the type of person to make fancy cupcakes like this at least once a week, I'd probably get speedier and my cupcakes would look better. But this little girl didn't care:
Her black-dyed chocolate frosting smile pretty much says it all.
And it was only appropriate that this onesie arrived in the mail the day before. My friend Rachel knows how much Cate loves penguins. So it's only appropriate that Cate's little brother will get to sport some penguin gear as well. Thank you Rachel, Chad, and Maddie!
~Melody :-)


Lynn said...

I made panda cupcakes from the same book so I know exactly what you are talking about. You did a great job! When I was making mine, my dad kept telling me that professional cooks make hundreds of cupcakes and the choose the best ones for the photos that go into the book. Was that his way of trying to make me feel better about my less-than-perfect cupcake effort?

Tricia said...

Chernobyl ... hahaha. They are cute and I bet Cate LOVED them. I've seen this cupcake cookbook and I don't think it would be wise to own it. After all, I'm trying to lose weight. ;) Hope you're doing well and Cate is feeling better!

Carly said...

Those turned out great! You are such a creative mama!