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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Escape from the Zoo!

Yesterday, one adorable Emperor Penguin escaped from the Cincinnati Zoo and waddled its way to our house and into our hearts. We will not be returning it.
I mean, c'mon, those eyes, that smile. They melt even the thickest and coldest of Antarctic icebergs.
And who can resist putting a treat into that little wing?
In all seriousness though-- it's going to be tough to get her out of that costume. She cried when we took it off yesterday and then refused to put her clothes back on for the rest of the night. She asked for it again this morning. This might be a long month. Maybe I should send her to the zoo.

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

Tudor Rose said...

Do they do a Boo at the Zoo type of thing down there? Because that would be the perfect costume!