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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Man, oh man do I have much to catch our few, but faithful readers up on. So we'll start with last weekend. Labor Day weekend. If you don't live anywhere near our area, you probably don't know anything about the huge fireworks show that one of our local radio stations has put on for the last 30 or so years. They are epic and pretty stinkin' awesome. They're choreographed to music and last a good 35-45 minutes. One of our local television news stations even televises them for those who don't want to trek down to the river (there's a huge festival along the river the day of the fireworks and people come down before breakfast to get good seats for the show that won't start until 9:00 that night).

Spending the day at Riverfest was not in our plans though. So instead, we went to an area of town that sits high up on a hill, Mt. Adams, around 8:00 that night. It's one of the most expensive areas of our city to live in primarily because of it's great views. We found a nice little patch of sidewalk to sit on and could see right down the hill to the river.
We also had a beautiful view of the city skyline.
My mom, dad, and sister were in town, so a game of Euchre was in order while we waited for the show to start.
And while Cate cried at the loud fireworks at first, she did warm up to them about 10 minutes into the show and really enjoyed them.
A short walk back down the hill brought us to our car and we were home before the 10:00 news (the fireworks show was on the shorter side this year-- 35 minutes--we suspect this is because so much of it is underwritten/sponsored by companies that are hurting for profits right now and couldn't donate as much...like Toyota). I think we'll be heading to that patch of sidewalk again next year. Our view was terrific and we didn't have to sit around all day to get it!

~Melody :-)

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I LOVE fireworks, and so does G. I kept having to look at the date on your post and make sure I wasn't looking at an old July 4th post... yes, I wasn't aware Cinci did Labor Day fireworks! They look beautiful!