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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Go Cincinnati!

Every year our church does a huge, city-wide day of service. About 7000 people volunteer to complete various projects all over the city. Some clean up trash, some spruce up parks, some plant gardens...the project possibilities are endless. We don't do work for individuals, but rather for community spaces and services that just need a helping hand.

Two years ago, we were just starting out at Crossroads and were a little overwhelmed, so we didn't participate. Last year I was in the beginning stages of all of my digestive issues, so we didn't get to participate either (but we did bring a bunch of Starbucks coffee to our thirsty and chilly small group).

This year we finally got to get in on a project. Our small group plus several other volunteers were assigned the task of weeding, planting, and doing some general sprucing up at Bethany House-- a local organization that serves low-income women trying to break the cycle of poverty.

We worked for a few hours...
...Cate hung around...literally...
...and in the end, it was quite spruced up!
I'd upload more pictures, but Blogspot, iPhoto, and I seem to be in a disagreement of sorts at the moment.

We'll definitely "go" again next year! We love our city more than I ever thought we would and we love that we can give back.

~Melody :-)

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Aunt B and 3 said...

Cate devono avere i geni italiani non eravamo a conoscenza di!