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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Drive Through the Park

We had a quite a busy Memorial Day Weekend at my parents' house in Hudson. So instead of one, long, rambling, post with too many pictures, I'll cover the weekend in installments throughout this week.

When we arrived Friday evening, I was having a serious craving for some Swensons Potato Teasers (dipped in ranch dressing of course). Swensons is a chain of drive-ins in the Akron area known for their great burgers. And while I wanted a burger too, what I really wanted were the Teasers. They're essentially large cheesy tater tots with jalapeno bits in them. And they are wonderful when dipped in ranch dressing.

So that's how we started Friday night-- with some Swensons. On the way to the Swensons closest to my parents' house is a cute little playground. Being the now-even-awesome-er people that we are because we own a mini-van, we were able to transport Cate's cozy coupe to Hudson for the weekend without a problem (we didn't even have to stow the backseat). We dropped Cate, her cozy coupe, and my mom (Nanny, to Cate) off at the park and then headed to get food. I couldn't resist a few pictures though. Part of the park has this cute little miniature town where kids can ride their bikes, or cars, or scooters around. So Cate started out here.I think there were a few too many kids there for her liking though and she got overwhelmed fast. So she parked her car and took a walk with my sister (Aunt C, to Cate) instead. When Eric, my sister, and I got back from Swensons, Cate and Nanny had moved on to playing on the playground.
Cate did a lot of "hanging." But I did get her to try the balance beam once. We really need to look into some gymnastics classes for her for in the fall (or maybe next spring when she's 3).And from the picture above, you can see why it's no wonder I'm already pretty much wearing maternity clothes all the time at only 10 weeks pregnant. You definitely show faster with your second. I have a theory about this. The short version is that after your first, you're just happy to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. Forget toning your body and tightening your abs back up....you're just going to have another kid anyway. So it only makes sense you show faster. After this one (which will most likely be it for us, kid-wise, but that's a whole other post), I'll probably put a little more effort into getting back into shape instead of just back into my clothes.

~Melody :-)

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The Palmer Family Blog said...

I love the little town! What a cute park!