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Friday, February 8, 2008

First Bath

Our first 24 hours at home haven't been too bad. The first 12 or so were the worst. Cate was a little shocked by the transition to home and was fussy all night, leaving Eric and I to trade off holding her/soothing her every hour (although I also had to try to work in a few feedings in there as well). She's worth it though. Early this morning she finally started to calm down and since then has been in a very good 3 hour or so cycle where she eats, "plays" around a little while we change her diaper or just cuddle, and then sleeps again (which left us time to actually take showers and nap a little). While she was in a good mood, we decided to go ahead and attempt a bath with her.

She wasn't all that crazy about the bath itself. The water was warm...I promise. But we have to keep her belly button/cord dry so we couldn't really soak her in water. It's more of a sponge bath than a regular bath.

She did like being wrapped up in her towel when it was all over though. And once we had her dressed again, she fell right asleep.

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Aunt B and 3 said...

Hey Riggs family, I just realized something....our "little" Cate was born on Fat Tuesday! She will for sure be a healthy little one and a party girl too born on the biggest party day of Mardi Gras! What a way to celebrate and make an entrance! Hugs all. Aunt B