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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cate's Debut

After a great night of sleep last night (well earned after two nearly sleepless nights before that), and since Cate has managed to gain quite a bit of weight since birth, we decided it was time to take her out. She really hasn't left the house except for a couple of late night drives (more to help housebound Mom keep her sanity than to put Cate to sleep), two pediatrician appointments, and a quick trip into Kroger (we were already out and she was asleep). So today we took her to church to meet everyone. We got there a little late since she took her time eating before we left and then proceeded to sleep through the entire sermon (no offense Kirk). And she was definitely warmly welcomed by all.

Eric is singing tonight, but we thought it might be a little too much stimulation to try to take her out again. Besides, it was so warm out today, we couldn't resist taking a little walk and trying out the stroller. Zoey has definitely been given less attention since bringing Cate home, but she's done really well. We think she needed the walk as much as we did. She always wants to know where Cate is and wants to be near her to make sure she's okay. Sierra, being the independent feline that she is, could care less about Cate.

We still can't believe how big Cate gets seemingly every day. Every day it seems like the newborn sized diapers get a little snugger (we're not quite out of them yet), her clothes fit her a little better, she seems a little longer when she stretches out and other things (like losing her umbilical cord) are happening. Below are a few more recent pictures of Cate.

We only recently realized that nearly 10 days after Cate's birth, we still didn't have a family picture. So after Eric and I went on a short date to Panera on Friday while his parents watched Cate, we took a family photo.

We also learned on Friday that Cate loves being in her sling so she can be close to Mom, but Mom can have her hands free to get some things done.

And here's Cate with Daddy before going to church this morning. You can't really tell in the picture, but yes, she is wearing pants again! :-) Daddy also learned a very important parenting lesson after church as well. Nursing + putting Cate in her swing right away = a spectacular show of projectile spit up. Cate just smiled...she must have known that as gross as it was, it was pretty funny to her.

~Eric and Melody

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Aunt B and 3 said...

That's more like it! Keep the pictures coming....somehow Winter is less dreadful with Baby Cate to warm our hearts! (-: