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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Family Time

We've been working really hard to keep Cate on a little schedule and to help her know when it's daytime (and awake-time) and when it's night time (and sleep-time). Considering that she's only 16 days old, she's doing pretty well. During the day we feed her, change her, and play with her/read to her/talk to her/swing her/bouncy seat her/etc. to keep her up for a little while (which works most of the time). At night we feed her, change her, swaddle her, and into bed she goes. And like I said, considering that she's not even 3 weeks yet, we can't really complain. For the most part she's quiet at night and will sleep 3-4 hours at a stretch. 4 is the most we can let her go right now though before we have to wake her up and feed her...and we only let her do one 4 hours stretch a night (we gotta keep that weight up). We don't know how long all of this will last (is it a phase or is she just naturally a baby that can adapt to a cyclical schedule and understands what daytime and nighttime are), but we're thankful for every hour she sleeps (and allows us to sleep).

Her last feeding with awake-time is quickly becoming family time. It's fun to feed her and then Eric and I both read to her or play with her toys with her or let her have some tummy time. She's usually in a pretty pleasant mood around this time too, which is wonderful for us. So I thought I'd post some recent family time pictures. Enjoy. :-)


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