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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tangible Evidence

So things started sinking in so much more in the last month that we are having a baby. While it's all real, it all kind of seems like a dream. When we went for the ultrasound, we saw Cate yawn which made her seem more human and less amoeba like. Then I started feeling her kick on the outside of Melody's stomach, which was such a crazy feeling (I can't imagine what it feels like for Mel to have that happen all day long). And we are rounding out our nursery, with a few more finishing touches. We always thought that that room may one day be a nursery, but never thought it would happen so soon. God is wonderful.

It also struck me as odd. I remember thinking of parents as a child and thinking how they seemed old, and in a different area of life that I would never really reach. I also thought of my grandparents as always older, as if they just always had the gray wisdom I knew them for. Now I am getting to see my parents and Mel's parents age with grace and become grandparents, and it is rather surreal. It is an area of life I didn't think would come so soon, but I am ever blessed with its arrival.

Enough with the waxing philosophical. Only 4 more months till Cate is here. We'll keep you all updated.

- Papa Riggs

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