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Friday, September 21, 2007

One thing we love...

is the dollar bin at Target. This week's find: all kinds of "The Office" stuff. Post-it's, pens, pads of paper, pencils, etc. Eric is quite fond of the Dwight Shrute pens :-)

On the other hand, I found their Halloween decorations to be worth the few dollars I spent. My mom always decorated our house for the different holidays. She'd put out little decorations around the house and special holiday-themed hand towels in the bathrooms. I mostly remembered her doing this at Halloween and Christmas, but I know she had little decorations for Valentine's Day and other holidays as well. She even used to send me window clings and little decorations for my dorm room in college (unfortunately those didn't make it past my college years).

So I decided that it was time to start decorating our house for more than just Christmas each year and bought a few little Halloween decorations to put around the house. Not sure if it was nostalgia that prompted me to decorate or Cate's influence from the womb, but I have to say it all looks pretty darn cute. And by the way...I promise we'll get Cate's newest picture up soon. And hopefully some nursery pictures soon too (we're workin' on it).


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