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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pray for Baby Riggs

As many of you know, yesterday was supposed to be the big day when we'd find out the baby's gender. I was feeling great and we were both excited, but when it came time for the ultrasound, things were really fuzzy. The ultrasound tech could see the heart beating, the bladder, the kidneys, feet, hands, etc., and was pretty sure of the baby's gender (some of you already know and we're not posting it here just yet for the reasons below).

However, the reason the ultrasound was so unclear was because my level of amniotic fluid was low. The doctor assured me that this is NOTHING to worry about right now. I'm not leaking any fluid, so it could just be a matter of the baby not having peed all day (I know that sounds gross, but that's what it is) or me being dehydrated (even though I drank a lot of water yesterday, I was on my feet teaching straight through the day and despite the air conditioning, my room is a little warm-- not to mention the stress and anxiety of having Open House last night).

So...tomorrow I'm going in for a high resolution ultrasound. This will basically allow the doctor to see if yesterday was just a fluke or if there is a reason the baby isn't producing as much fluid as they would like to see. It will also confirm the gender for us better than yesterday's picture. The low levels of amniotic fluid also explain why I'm not showing as much considering I'll be at 20 weeks this weekend.

Please pray that yesterday was just a fluke and that everything will be normal tomorrow. I know you are all praying with us for a healthy baby, and I'll be sure to let you all know how tomorrow goes. I've taken it easy today (sitting at my desk a lot while my kids work in partners) and the doctor excused me from work tomorrow so I could get extra rest and hydration before the doctor's appointment.


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